Many men would rather have a gun pointed at their face than problems with their penis and potency. The biggest worry of those who are “stronger sex” is “not getting it up”.

Studies show that more than half of men believe not being able at the critical moment to get out of bed is the worst. Many men would feel half of a man if their potency was lost. It is not just older men that are affected by erection issues.

It is estimated that between five and seven million German men are unable to perform the way they want. This doesn’t include men with erectile dysfunction that occur occasionally. It only includes the severe cases, which are those who haven’t been able to conceive for at least three months. Doctors can only speak of erectile disorder (ED) after that.

However, it is more common for men to experience a permanent low as they get older. Men can be deprived of sleep due to stress at work, overburdenedness, fear of failure, excessive expectations of their masculinity, and relationship problems.

As men age, the physical causes of disease such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and kidney disease become more serious. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. However, certain blood pressure and heart medications, as well as certain sedatives and heart medication, can cause it.

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When the Head Doesn’t Want to

Each successive failure brings more impotence. A pill can help you break this vicious circle. To break the vicious cycle. Only the affected person must understand that he can be effective without any aids.

Anyone who suspects that they have fallen for this trap can do so without the need to take medication. Before you go to bed, simply stick a strip with stamps around your penis. The strip should be torn at the morning. This is a sign that there have been erections in the night. Organically, everything will be fine.

Although this is reassuring, it does not resolve the root problem. It is best to not try to suppress mental problems, especially if they are more complex. Try not to suppress them. Accepting outside help is a key factor in overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Soft tip for spearing

Even men who aren’t completely impotent may be dissatisfied with their erections. Surveys show that around 60% of people aged 20 to 49 are unhappy with their erect penis. Their erect penis is hard. Chief physician of urology Dr. Tobias Pottek at Asklepios Westklinikum advises against the simple solution that pharmaceutical companies might prefer – swallowing Viagra. The AsklepiosWestklinikum Hamburg-Rissen advises against this: “A diagnosis must precede all therapy. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by other conditions. A specialist exam by a urologist may reveal them. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by other diseases.

Soft glans are also a new phenomenon that has been in the public’s attention. An injury to the artery which supplies blood to the lower corps cavernosum is the cause. blood to the lower corpus cvernosum. The result was a spear with soft tips. Pottek says, “In the meantime I’m seeing it more and more, especially in cyclists, who literally squeeze this fine arterial on the saddle on their saddle.” Surgery is not an option. Instead, medications are used in order to produce the blood required for glans to find another way.

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