Most couples desire offspring in the middle of their lives. However, it does not always happen right away. 15% of couples are involuntarily childless. 30% of these cases are due to inability for the man to conceive. Many factors are responsible, including sperm.

But what vitamins and minerals can men use to have children?

Men can improve their fertility

He should look at his lifestyle and consider whether he wants to have children. A healthy lifestyle and changes in diet can help improve the quality of sperm. You should not consume alcohol in excess. It is best to reduce weight if the patient is obese.

Certain vitamins or minerals are good for healthy sperm. They can often be found as dietary supplement for those who desire to have children.

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What vitamins can increase male fertility?

Numerous vitamins have a powerful antioxidant effect on the sperm. Vitamin E can boost sperm count and quality. Vitamin B12 and vitamin C are other fertility-enhancing ingredients. This positive effect also depends on vitamin C and vitamin B12.
Antioxidant properties of the substances. Vitamin D is also frequently mentioned in relation to improving male fertility. The results of this study are, however, not clear. There are no clear indications of a beneficial effect.

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