Erectile dysfunction (impotence) refers to a condition where the penis doesn’t stiffen enough or the erection can’t be sustained long enough to produce a satisfying sex act. For a satisfying sexual act. The term “inability to perform coitus satisfactorily” is a more general definition by medical professionals.

Impotence is not a rare condition. Because of the high number of cases that have not been reported, it is impossible to give exact figures. It is believed that approximately five percent of all men are affected. As we age, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction goes up.

There are many different levels of impotence. Some people complain of intermittent problems with their erectile functions (“It sometimes doesn’t work”) while others experience a complete loss.


This type of impotence can cause normal erections and allow for sexual intercourse. The man can’t have children.

These men usually have ejaculation. However, there is no intact sperm or too little sperm in the semen.

The Causes and Possible Symptoms of Impotence

A miracle is what it takes to erect a male. It is the result of complex interactions between blood vessels, nerves, hormones, and muscles. Each of these players is capable of “breaking down”.

There are many reasons why impotence may occur. They can be both psychological and physical. Around 70% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are due to physical causes, most commonly diseases. This is especially true for men over 50 years old. Impotence can also be caused by psychological factors. The impotence.

Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. Psychological problems can lead to physical limitations that make it impossible for a man to have sex. This can affect the self-esteem of males. This can lead to a loss of self-confidence and identity for men. You quickly feel like half of a man if you don’t have an erection for long periods.

Fear of a new failure of masculinity reinforces erectile dysfunction, creating a vicious cycle.

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Physical Causes of Impotence

Diabetes mellitus: One of the most common side effects of diabetes is impotence. Sugar molecules build up on the blood vessels’ walls. The erectile tissue does not receive enough blood, so the penis remains swollen.

Hormonal disorders: Low testosterone levels can be a problem. The erectile function is affected if there is not enough male sex hormone produced or released.

Neurological disorders: Nerve signals must be sent from the brain to the penis in order for an erection can occur. Signal transmission can be affected by nerve diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or tumors.

Injuries: A member can become unsteady during sexual arousal if they sustain injuries to their erectile tissue.

Genital malformations can also cause impotence.


In some cases, hormone administration can be helpful. The decision about whether such therapy is necessary depends on the individual case. This should be discussed with the patient and the doctor.

Vacuum pump. This creates a vacuum in the pump that draws blood into the penis. It temporarily solves erectile dysfunction. The penis ring is surrounded by a striped ring at the base to prevent blood from escaping too quickly from the erectile tissues after an erection has been achieved.

Penile prostheses are for men who have impotence. This is because it is permanent.

Surgery: Vascular impotence may also be treated surgically. These procedures are not recommended as they can be dangerous and may prove to be unsuccessful.

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