Through its action in the Intestine, Glucomannan has many Effects on the whole Body

Metabolic Regulation: It slows digestion in the intestine. This could mean, for instance, that starch is more difficult to break down into sugar and is absorbed slower into the blood. This could have positive effects on metabolic diseases such as high levels of fat and diabetes.

Prebiotic: Glucomannan promotes healthy intestinal flora. The effects were particularly evident in “artificially prepared” (hydrolyzed), glucomannan. In laboratory and animal studies, researchers discovered the following mechanisms of action:

Glucomannan promotes certain beneficial intestinal bacteria such as bifidobacteria or lactobacilli. It also prevents harmful bacteria from adhering to the mucosa. This helps to eliminate staphylococci and clostridia as well as salmonella.

Short-chain fatty acids are produced by intestinal bacteria from glucomannan. These fatty acids provide energy for the intestinal wall. They have an anti-inflammatory and positive effect against cancer cells. They also help to suppress bad bacteria and acidify the intestinal contents.

Antioxidant: Some studies have shown that both “predigested”, and natural glucomannan, has antioxidant properties. This activates the body’s antioxidant enzymes. This neutralizes radicals that can cause oxidative stress and damage cells. The antioxidant effects of glucomannan, a metabolic compound produced by intestinal bacteria, are also evident.

Immune Function: Glucomannan regulates the balance between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes in animal and laboratory experiments. It was shown to reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis by reducing inflammation in animals. It also enhanced tumor defense in another animal experiment.

Prevention of Colon Cancer: Glucomannan creates a cancer-preventive intestinal environment that reduces the growth of cancer-promoting substances. It prevents the intestinal mucus from being broken down, which means that there is less exposure to carcinogens.

Glucomannan aids in Weight Loss

Glucomannan may help with weight loss. The liquid and gel of glucomannan slow down stomach emptying, increasing feelings of satisfaction. It also inhibits the absorption nutrients like fats so that you consume slightly less calories.

One review found that glucomannan can increase the feeling of fullness. Two studies also show that glucomannan can help with weight loss in obese and overweight people. However, glucomannan had no effect on body composition (BMI). In a similar review, other researchers also found no weight effect.

Conclusion: Glucomannan is a good option for weight loss when used in conjunction with a restricted calorie diet. There were however divergent results from studies. Studies with a suitable duration of 3-12 weeks and large numbers of participants showed an effect. Thanks to all the benefits it provides, it is one of the main ingredients of Reduslim. Weight loss with Reduslim is guaranteed without side effects: Reduslim Original