It is easy for many to blame everything, be it genetics, poor diet or gluttony. Let’s blame the gluttonous minds of some and many. For example, some blame genetics for their slow metabolism while accepting the fact that diets are full of such excuses. Gene is the culprit in some cases, but the diets of the many can make the plans for obesity and degenerative diseases too real. And what about the diseases that can be caused by the failure of these diets?

First, we have obesity or anorexia, both of which are genetic conditions. Some are very obvious that the onset of the diseases can be immediately recognised and immediate treatment can be crucial. However, in some cases it is not so obvious as it can be controlled by the body’s balancing mechanism. The basics here are food, exercise, food supplement and regulation of the body’s vital processes. Obesity can be attributed to psychological problems such as lack of self-confidence, boredom or too much leisure activity.

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However, anorexia is a psychological rather than a physical problem. it is often associated with overweight. Some anorexics have been found to be abused by others. They have been found to suffer emotional pain for the figure the subjects themselves perceived. In a sense, they were abused by both peers and strangers to save the pain they felt.

However, some are so severely affected by the condition that their boundary can be crossed. In a rare scientific study, weight loss of over 20 pounds was observed to be due to an eating disorder. Weight loss due to an eating disorder is known as bulimia nervosa and the term is used to describe eating disorders. However, the origin of the word is not clear. Many researchers believe that it is simply an eating disorder, but not a specific disorder. They do, however, refer to a specific type of eating disorder. SU anonymous therapy uses the therapist’s ability to support the subject to reduce food intake to a minimum. Regain some normalcy, physical activity and a normal social life. This programme also helps to correct aspects of their personality such as behaviour, discretion, control, emotional and psychological aspects of the self.

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So how is it different from other existing treatment approaches?

– It is a mental disorder

– Does not have a specific diagnosis or medication

– Exercises do not treat the disorder, but help the patient to reduce the occurrence of urges or abnormal behaviour

Nowadays, many professionals use the general term “dying to be thin” to describe people who compulsively want to lose weight even though they have anorexia nervosa. It is a fact that many people have a compulsive need to be thin. However, in many cases it does not necessarily follow that there is a real and compelling need to achieve this goal. In fact, many people gain weight to escape this obsession. Some gain weight to feel better about themselves. There are other factors that often play a role that are just as important as:

The weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Unfortunately, most of the primary audience is made up of people who are struggling with health issues. As we know, being overweight or obese increases the likelihood of many health problems. Obesity is a high risk factor for short and long-term health.

If someone tells you about an easy way to lose pounds of fat in 1 or 2 days, just give them a look.

On the other hand, it is better to consult a specialist such as Tobias Kurz to properly assess the available alternatives such as diet, exercise and nutrition plans for the individual case.

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