The producer of Reduslim products is Tradecom, a health drink production company partly owned by the investment bank Triano Cobots and malting organic and small parks.

Reduslim Original

This seems to be a distinction after some time. It is nothing to set CBT levels (cholesterol, bile acid, triglycerides) or HDL, but there are some other variations of the product which include the following.

Reduslim is known to work, but don’t expect a testimonial from any of you who have used it.

Reduslim is sold mainly in health food stores. Reduslim should not be taken if:

You have heart disease * You are suffering from cancer * You are suffering from pregnancy * You are taking medication * Take sugar / carbohydrate compound (syrup) in large quantity.

The Reduslim website claims that this product contains antioxidants and boosts metabolism. This product was marketed with a positive attitude and claims that it was not found to be dangerous while leading to rapid weight loss.

Can this product help you lose weight?

You need to understand what you are trying to achieve the best results. Using an appetite suppressant like Reduslim, the strategy to reduce your calorie intake, will help with your weight loss goals. However, the moment you reduce your calorie intake or apply your metabolism, you need to maintain your metabolism and increase your calorie output. The result is that your weight will not stay off for long.

Reduslim gets you on the right track. It is a dietary supplement, so it is not advisable to eat thousands of barrels a day while taking this product. Many of you have chocolate allergies, so the fruit we used is forbidden for allergy sufferers. Therefore, using the chocolate extract in this product would be dangerous, like using gelatine.

Remember that the best real way to achieve your weight loss goals is to exercise regularly, eat right and take a good food supplement such as reduslim.

Reduslim Køb